Uncategorized March 22, 2018

Wow! What a View! Guess it’s time to go clean that bathroom…

It’s Tuesday morning, and two big items are on my agenda.

First, check out a $1.4M condo and see if it’s the real deal for my clients.  Time is at a premium for them.  Pretty pictures aren’t enough to warrant interrupting their schedule.  I have to see it myself.

The condo delivers.  Floor to ceiling windows showcasing Puget Sound. High enough in the building to cause just the right amount of vertigo—pleasantly dizzying with no nausea!  It has the location to match.   So close to Pike Place market you can almost see them throwing fish, and so near the water it’s like the ferries are landing in your garage.  Upside potential too–when the viaduct goes down, you’ll be able to walk straight to the water.

Decision time: tell the clients it’s worth their time to visit?  Yes.

Decision made, I allow myself a few minutes to be hypnotized by the water.  I could watch those waves for hours… but what’s number two on the agenda?

Ah yes… Another home is closing Friday, and a few things need to be freshened up for the new buyers.  Time to go clean that bathroom and buff that countertop!

Now, could I hire someone to clean that bathroom? Yes.  Do I object to cleaning bathrooms?  No (presuming users have observed reasonable decorum).  For various reasons, in this case it makes more sense to do it myself.  And I do.

Here’s what I love about my job: there are numerous ways to “get my hands dirty”.  One way is getting my body inside properties, getting the feel of a place with my hands, eyes, ears and nose.  This is the only way I can truly know if it will meet my clients’ needs.  And yes, another way is doing all the basic, boring, grimy jobs that need to get done so that transactions close on time and people are happy.  It’s my pleasure to do them all!