More About Me

Real Estate Gets In Your Blood....

I have seen first-hand the guts of a house, and learned first-hand the risks and rewards associated with purchasing Real Estate.
When I was young, I watched my father buy and sell across the Real Estate spectrum: a rambler in the suburbs; a farm-house on 100 acres; a fairytale Tudor in a swanky neighborhood; a mountain home in Colorado. During my summers off in high school and college, Dad put me to work on projects. I continued this hands-on work as an adult, joining the crew of a high-end Seattle builder, and remodeling my own homes in Ballard and Magnolia.

Real Estate Gets in Your Head...

With the “how it’s done” knowledge behind me, I discovered my industry strengths lie in communicating, analyzing and negotiating homes.
For Sellers, I have a profound ability to find “the story” in your house. People are not motivated to purchase four walls and a roof. They are motivated to enter into a story where a home creates a backdrop for life. My skill is discerning the best story your house can tell. Everything about your house—location, condition, placement on the lot—contributes to this story. Everyone on my team, from stagers to photographers, is coached to produce this story with perfection. The results are extremely successful for my sellers—both personally and financially.
For Buyers, I am a passionate advocate and a caring coach. I create a process where you learn to ask the right questions: of yourselves, of the house, of me. I will teach you everything I know so you can decide confidently whether a house will truly advance your story--not only meeting your needs, but moving your life forward. Once you’ve made that decision, I will hold nothing back in negotiating on your behalf. For my buyers, this results in a confident, shrewd, well-coached, and (as much as possible) stress-free purchase!

Real Estate Gets in the World...

The best proof I can give of my value comes through reviews of my clients. Please spend some time on my Zillow site to see what they say. Every review posted is from an actual client (not a buddy or a relative) who was once in your position, deciding who to work with. Each one completed their transaction and met their goals! I am so happy for them and thankful for them!